From Our Farm to Your Table

Our Premium Beef

Born and raised in Madison County, Mississippi, our Premium Beef is Free-Range, Supplemental Finished. We Dry-Age for 14-21 days for extreme flavor and tenderness. Our Beef is processed with No Hormones or Preservatives to provide your family with healthy food options without compromising divine taste!

Our Herd

Black Angus Cattle born and raised on our family farm in Canton, Mississippi. Our Herd consists of Free-Range, pasture-raised cattle with first-class genetics, grain-finished on a diet specially-formulated by a local nutritionist.  

Who We Are

-The Faces Behind The Farm-

At Remington-Lott Farms, our mission is to provide locally-raised, hormone-free, safe and healthy beef - from our farm to your table. Our motto is "From Conception to Consumption, Remington-Lott Farms has got you covered!"

Restaurants To Find Us In

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