Why We Dry-Age...

Dry Aging changes beef by allowing moisture to evaporate from the muscle, making it more tender and resulting in a more flavorful taste. Due to the expensive nature of this process, this type of beef is normally only served in high-end steakhouses and restaurants. Most beef found in the grocery store has been wet-aged. which is a much quicker and cheaper process. Wet-Aged is normally completed within the first few days, there is little to no moisture loss, which leads to a higher weight and higher value at the market, at the expense of less flavor.

We Are The Producer!

At Remington-Lott Farms we are proud to be able to provide you with premium dry-aged beef from our farm to your table that is both delicious and affordable. Unlike the grocery store who buys third-party and is focused on buying cheaply and moving large quantities at big margins, WE ARE THE PRODUCER - our focus is on Beef, and producing it in a healthy, quality manner. What does that mean? It means we have control over the entire process "From Our Farm to Your Table" and can provide the highest quality to you without making it cost-prohibited.

The Best Dry-Aged Beef | Mississippi in Flowood, Gluckstadt, Clinton, Ridgeland

Simply Put:

(Three generations of Lott and Rowell families working to provide MS with Local Beef)

We are a local farm that believes that our consumers truly desire to know where their beef is coming from, to step back to a time when food was more pure and bring the FARM back to the TABLE for your family. So...we help you do just that. Our cattle are born and raised in Madison County, that's why we use the phrase,

"From Our Farm to Your Table" Remington-Lott Farms has got you covered!

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